Born angry.

ust when we thought we might be over Angry Birds, one of our favorite little baby companies goes and makes a brand new, very well-done Angry Birds for babies collection. Happily, the birds all look more happy than anything. Guess they just cleared level 6-12?

Swaddle Designs, makers of the flannel receiving blankets that my own firstborn spent many months in, now has a whole Angry Birds Baby collection.

You’ll find your favorite characters beautifully printed on high quality flannel blankets, muslin swaddlers, lovies, and even snapsuits. I saw them at Toy Fair this past week and color me impressed. You can also grab the Angry Birds baby bundle which comes with a little plush bird. Just paint a green pig on the wall, and teach your kid to aim. Easy.

Of course if you’re not an Angry Birds fan (what the what?) they have a ton of other lovely baby gifts on site including these precious baby sleepsacks. But c’mon–Rovio’s birds are so very now. I can’t think of a better pop-culture referencing keepsake to symbolize a new baby born early this decade. Except maybe Angry Birds Seasons.  -Liz

Find the whole Angry Birds Baby collection of swaddlers, snapsuits, and more online from Swaddle Designs.


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech. This makes her very happy.


  • Reply February 15, 2012

    E @ PregnancyPool

    It is shocking that stupid game has gotten such a crazy following! My husband sits with our son on his lap and will play it for 20 mins (which is a very long time to keep the attention of a 14 month old lol).

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply February 16, 2012

    Cool Mom Picks

    “stupid game?” Bite your tongue! We’ve got to side with your husband on this one ;)

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