From piggy banks to paychecks, one chapter at a time.

Piggy Banks to Paychecks by Angie MohrI’d prefer one dozen versions of the “where do babies come from” talk with my kids before I’d sign up for even one “and this is how money works” discussions. I can cheerfully rattle off twenty-seven slang terms for body parts, but ask me how something amortizes and I break out in hives.

Piggy Banks to Paychecks: Helping Kids Understand the Value of a Dollar, written by accountant and financial consultant Angie Mohr, explains it all to help me explain it to my kids.  

chapter focuses on an aspect of financial savvy, from learning how to
explain earning, spending and saving, to the differences between using
cash and credit. She even covers taxes and insurance, peppered with
real-world financial stories throughout, and “money games” by age group.

Mohr has worked hard to make this an easy-breezy read for
numbers-adverse people, like me. And you know what they say: Fiscal
responsibility should start at home. – Barbara

Find Piggy Banks to Paychecks: Helping Kids Understand the Value of a Dollar at your local bookstore or online from our affiliate Amazon.

And good luck with those taxes, Mamas!

Barbara Card Atkinson is a California based freelance writer, and a former Cool Mom Picks contributor.

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