Fancy clothes for baby boys…with a twist

Baby boy's formal button down onesieWhen you are invited to a fancy affair with a baby boy, it can be tricky to navigate the waters. Girls are so easy (Yes, I’m a mom of boys so this is all just speculation tinged with jealousy), no matter the age. You’ve got dresses, tunics, and little headbands and clips to tie the look together. And boys? Not so much. Until now.

Meet the Shirtzie by Andy & Evans. This dressy snapsuit for boys
is absolutely genius and I’m only mad that I didn’t think of it myself.
This shirt is business in the front, party in the rear. Or, well,

I dig the attention to detail like the tasteful the logo on the chest,
and the gingham accent when you fold up the cuffs. Because, you know,
cuff links are a choking hazard. -Eva

The Shirtzie is available online at Neiman Marcus. You can also get free gift packaging on select kids’ purchases at regular price with code KDGIFT.

Eva Glettner is a lover of street art and skateboarding, the blogger behind Skate Mamas, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks


  • Reply June 10, 2012


    i’ve never seen such an elegant formal onesie before! i recently took my baby Jacob to a wedding and had him wear a tuxedo onesie, but it was nothing like the onesie in the picture, i wish i would of known about it before. Thanks for sharing =)


    love your blog.

  • Reply November 28, 2012


    What a novel idea! Now you can dress up your son and not worry about the shirt getting untucked. It must look great with a nice blazer to go with it. Thanks for the share!

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