7 Great Mothers Day brunch recipes–even for those too busy to make Mothers Day brunch

, @Mother's Day Brunch: Baked French toast recipe from Annie's EatsMothers Day brunch is one of my favorite traditions. However ever since having kids, Mother’s Day poses a conundrum. I want it to be my day, which means not doing anything for anybody, but I also want to treat my own mama, and that requires some effort.

The solution? Host a make-ahead brunch, then steal away with my husband while Grandma spends QT with her adoring grandsons. It’s the perfect plan.

Here are seven great brunch recipes that can be prepped in no time–some even the night before–so that you can kick up your heels on Mother’s Day and still treat your mama with the love and respect she deserves.

Do sweet breakfasts make your mama swoon? Give this Baked French Toast recipe (above) from Annie’s Eats a try. Prep the entire dish the night before, and
spend your morning get glammed up while the french toast bakes. No
standing over a frying pan required.

Mother's Day brunch: baked eggs in cream

Baked eggs are as easy as it gets and come in many forms. My two favorites: first, these luxurious Baked Eggs in Cream from Tara at Seven Spoon–saut√© leeks the night before, then crack eggs, pour cream and put in the oven the morning of. 

Mother's Day brunch: Baked blueberry oatmeal

If your mama is super natural, these individual jars of Baked Blueberry Oatmeal
from Sara at Sprouted Kitchen are just what you need. The night before,
prep mason jars with oats, berries, baking powder and salt, and mix
milk with everything but the butter (which should be added the morning
of). Put it all together and bake before serving. Oatmeal has never
looked so gorgeous.

Mother's Day brunch: Better Than the Box Pancakes

We can’t talk brunch without talking pancakes. The experts at America’s Test Kitchen call these Better Than the Box Pancakes.
The recipe does requirs ingredients that you need to buy ahead of time, but
it’s worth it. The best part is that the mix keeps in your freezer
for up to 2 months. Talk about make-ahead!

Mother's Day brunch: Strawberry slushie

While Mimosas are always a winner, for something different try this whimsical Riesling Strawberry Slushie
from With Style and Grace. Squeeze lime juice and hull strawberries
ahead of time (or use already prepped frozen strawberries), then whiz
everything together in time for a toast. 

Mother's Day brunch: Quiche Lorraine

If you’re a quiche fan, I love this Quiche Lorraine from Smitten Kitchen. You can make the whole thing–bake it and all!–up to 2 days ahead of time. Then, just reheat and serve.

Iced coffee drinks: Mexican Iced Coffee

And, of course, don’t forget the coffee! If it’s warm in your neck of the woods, our post on delicious iced coffee drinks
has plenty of options perfect for a special brunch (shown: Iced Mexican
Coffee from Girl Cooks World). Plus, they’ll give you just the boost
you need to enjoy the rest of your day… maybe doing nothing. -Stacie


Stacie Billis is a popular food blogger known for focus on nutrition and organics, and her non-judgy approach that does not preclude Nutella.


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    yes i like this

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    I was so excited to click on the pancake link – only to find out the reviewer didn’t really think they were that good. Disappointing.

  • stacie
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    Hi Renae: It’s true that these aren’t my absolute favorite but, as I mention in the post, I’m being picky. I make those pancakes all the time–my family loves them!–and the fact that the mix keeps in the freezer for so long more than makes up for my nit picky critique. Check out the comments for other suggestions, too!

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