Boon + Plum Organics = Baby food pouch organizational zen

Boon Baby Food Pouch OrganizerWe’re all big fans of Plum Organics baby foods in my house, which we pack as snacks for the whole family all the time. But I’ve yet to figure out a good way to organize them, except other than toss them in a plastic bowl in my pantry. Nice, huh?

Turns out, they’ve just figured it out for me.

The new Pouch Rack, made in a collaboration with Cool Mom Picks fave Boon, helps you organize up to 12 baby food pouches neatly in your cabinets or pantry. It’s freed up a ton of space for us and made dealing with the mounds of pouches (4 kids, people!) so much easier. 

And if you love the Plum Organics spoon attachments like we do, you can store those too. Here’s to healthier eating and neater cabinets — two things that make this mama very happy. –Kristen

You can purchase the new Boon Baby Pouch organizer at And make sure to try the new Plum Organics greek yogurt baby food pouches available at our affiliate or a slew of your favorite local stores. 


Kristen is CEO/Co-Founder of Cool Mom Picks and a busy mom of four kids who lives in the Philly 'burbs. Though really, what mom isn't busy?

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  • Reply July 19, 2012


    Very cool! I’ve not heard about them, but I miss the old days of making our own fruit roll ups using our backyard plum trees. I like the pouch rack. It’s one of those things that’s so simply that you say “why didn’t I think of that?” 😉

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