Cool artwork for cool kids. And their cool parents too.

Matte Stephens art print: Adventurer's ClubDuring one of my late night Etsy search sessions (Yes, I like to live dangerously), I happened upon this amazing artwork that I think would my kids would love just as much as I do. And that’s exactly the combination I’m looking to cover their walls with. And boy do they need covering.

I’m having a hard time choosing which of the unique artwork by Matte Stephens that I like most. For my kids, I’m really digging the Adventurer’s Club (left), which I think is pretty fantastic for a boys (or girls) room, or even a playroom. But for me, I’ve got my eye on the city scapes and famous landmarks (love Manhattan!) for the empty walls in my living room that could use a little inspiration. 
Matte Stephens original artwork: city skylines
And if there’s anything I’ve learned about buying art, especially for my kids, it’s got to be something that I love and that grows with them. As much as I love the baby ducks and the ABCs, they’ve only got a short life span, particularly with four kids and a lot of wall space. -Kristen

You can purchase the limited edition art prints (as well as original paintings) at Matte Stephens’ Etsy shop


Kristen is CEO/Co-Founder of Cool Mom Picks and a busy mom of four kids who lives in the Philly 'burbs. Though really, what mom isn't busy?

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  • Reply June 1, 2012

    Heather - Chickabug

    I love Matte’s work, I’m so happy to see him featured here! I have two small paintings of birds that he did years and years ago. They’re so funky and fun, they make me smile every time I see them.

    PS. Don’t you just love his scuba man? : )

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