Dress your baby in Marimekko

Marimekko baby onesie from Always ModHow merry does Marimekko make us? When it’s in the form of this vibrant bodysuit, it makes us very, very merry indeed.

These sweet Marimekko onesies at Always Mod feature original Finnish Marimekko designs. And that’s Marimekko with a capital M– the real, original deal designed by artist Maija Isola in the 1960s. They’re bright, hip, mod, and available in three color schemes, all in a cozy and stretchy cotton blend. Do note that they’re all long sleeved– but maybe they’ll come up with some short sleeved or sleeveless ones, if we beg a little?

They’re a little pricey, but the lilac and green designs are on sale right now. And the $5.95 flat rate shipping gives you a good excuse to stock up for upcoming showers and first birthday parties. Especially since the shop also carries Marimekko designs on bibsbags,even oodles of  Marimekko fabrics for you DIY mamas. Although then, you could probably make those onesies yourself. ~Delilah
Find Marimekko bodysuits for babies online at Always Mod.


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    Bigger selection (more patterns & styles; big kids’ sizes too) and better prices at U.S. Marimekko site. (no affiliation with Marimekko–just browsing). Thanks!

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    Clarine Mcgreen

    You really did a superb job with the editing! I actually cried during this and I’m a 42 y/o guy..(but I still love HP!!!). Must be an inner child thing. You have? a real talent with video editing and maybe you should think about doing it professionally. You have a great imagination and a fantastic way to show it. Keep up the great work!

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