Web Coolness – Can you unplug? Also gifts for geeky girls, cheers for Seventeen Magazine, and new life for an old sandbox

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sandbox to planter box

Do you have trouble unplugging? Liz shares her thoughts in her new column at the Katie Couric website. (And psst…Katie’s new show debuts September 10. We’re excited!)

Kristen’s list of cool gifts for geeky girls includes great picks for brainy boys too.
They Might Be Giants needs your help to get their Alphabet of Nations video finished! 
Turn that old sandbox into a planter box and get your kids gardening before the weekend is through. (h/t Modern Parents Messy Kids)
Don’t let summer fun erase all that schooltime learning with some of our favorite math and science apps.

If you thought My Little Pony was just for little girls, you need to check out this video about male fans, aka “Bronies. It’s an interesting look at gender stereotypes. (h/t Loralee Choate)
Kids not behaving? Send them back to the 70’s! One parent’s ingenious way to deal with bad behavior involves some clever time travel.

We are cheering Seventeen Magazine’s decision to show girls as they really are in the pages of their magazine. They’ve also pledged to include more girls of all sizes and shapes. (h/t Katie Couric)
Even though we can’t take one more minute of the cartoon, we think this parody of a Dora the Explorer movie is pretty awesome.

Pinterest board of the week: Paper-artist Madeline Tompkins’ too-cute board of Japanese kawaii makes us smile. 

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  • Reply July 7, 2012

    E.S. Ivy

    That’s interesting about Seventeen’s new focus. I read it as a teenager, but I get American Girl and Discovery Girls for my own girls – Discovery Girls has even done a page in the past where they showed typical photo altering – which included elongating legs and shrinking waists which is what you often see in traditional magazines.

    I was surprised to see that the only touch-ups Seventeen says they do are small things like fly-away hair and wrinkle smoothing. I will watch to see if it turns into a magazine I would consider for my girls.

    Family Circle had a big article about a year ago on the unrealistic shapes of models that are presented in magazines. While I love their magazine, I wrote a letter to the editor pointing out that they could be part of the solution and not the problem if they would change the models they use in their own fashion shoots. Even this last month, I noticed their models didn’t look just tall, but *stretched.*

    If Katie Couric is going to be highlighting things like this on her new show I am going to have to check it out!

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply July 7, 2012

    Cool Mom Picks

    Thanks for the comment E.S. We’re with you!

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