Turning kids’ art into accessories with My Pretty Monsters

Wear your kids' art: My Pretty Monsters custom handbagThere’s an avalanche waiting to happen. Somewhere in your house, a pile of drawings and paintings is teetering, just waiting to collapse and terrify the cat. At least, that’s what happened to me. 

Here’s a better way to honor your kid’s creations: by wearing their art as accessories.

My Pretty Monsters transforms children’s artwork into lovingly crafted keepsakes. Whether you choose a messenger bag, a phone zippy, a purse, or even a giant stuffed animal, this gift will please your child as much as it pleases you.

           child's art into accessories and dolls
Custom stuffed toys made from kids' artwork | My Pretty Monsters  handbag from child's artwork

These aren’t assembly-line works, either. For example, each stuffed piece is carefully considered, then hand-quilted from a variety of embroidered, sewn, and patterned fabrics. All works of art are stuffed with allergen-free polyester fiberfill. If your kid has a wool allergy, no problem. Just choose from canvas,  fleece, velour, or whatever works for your family.

child's artwork into accessories
The bags are just as thoughtful and unique, with
hand-crafted embellishments only keep in mind some of the styles are
made out of vinyl if that’s an issue for you.

child's artwork into dolls
my pretty monsters
As you can see, the My Pretty Monsters folks do take some minor artistic license, but they promise to celebrate the spirit of the work and make your kid feel proud. Not bad for $75, especially when it makes fantastic use out of a landslide of art with nowhere else to go. -Delilah

Order 100% custom handbags from your child’s art, stuffed animals, and more at My Pretty Monsters.


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  • Reply September 15, 2012


    How fabulous! I love the idea of a stuffed creation from my kids’ artwork. This would totally mesmerize them. THEY’RE artwork truly coming to life!!

  • Reply January 13, 2013


    OMG I love it. I had a bag done for myself. My mother loved it so she got one too. People at the store remark on it all the time. A couple of friends had the stuffed “animals’ done and their children were so proud of themselves…awesome. Great way to celebrate children work. XOXO

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