Month: January 2012

Big Miracle Review – and a little of the celebrity gossip you’re hoping for

Like me, you may have seen the Big Miracle ads on TV and thought–hmm, that could be kinda cheesy. So I was frankly a little surprised to find myself at a preview screening, laughing out loud, wiping tears (shhh) and thinking, wow, my kids are going to love this. The film is based, with surprisingly little dramatic deviation, on the true 1988 story of a family of three grey whales trapped under the ice in frigid, sleepy Barrow, Alaska, and how an unlikely crew of ratings-hungry journalists, Inuit whalers, oil moguls, Greenpeace and even the government converge on the...

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Homemade baby food just got about as easy as it gets

Homemade baby food is one of those things that a lot of parents consider–but the thought can be daunting. Regardless, there comes a time in every baby’s life when it’s clear that it’s time to introduce solids and you’ll have to make the decision. Maybe they’re reaching for everything you eat. Maybe they’ve just cut four teeth all at once. (In which case, our sympathies!) Or maybe you’re simply ready for that classic food-smeared-smile photo to post on Facebook. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got an amazing new baby food system that’s perfect for you. Sage Spoonfuls is...

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Here’s to us, framed.

While we may not be the kind of family to have our last name on a welcome mat outside our front door, it doesn’t mean we aren’t super proud of our clan. So, when my anniversary came around this past year I thought, sure, a traditional romantic tribute for my husband would be nice, but in the end I went another direction entirely. I decided to pay tribute to us, our lives, choices and our creations together with a custom family print. I have seen a few different artists doing this now but I really love the simple and...

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Cool branch and robot hanging thingies. (Not actual name, but works for me)

This weekend at the NY International Gift Show, there was so much exciting new design that I can’t wait to share with you all! But one of the first new items that caught my eye was from Hangups and Baggage, a mom-run operation that’s giving boring old coatracks a run for their money. The powder-coated steel ROBOT hangup mounts to the wall, and gives your kids a fun place to hang jackets, jewelry, hats and backpacks. More fun than any hooks I’ve ever seen. Nice touch: It’s magnetic, so you can move that little bow from the neck to...

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The stroller bag for baby hipsters

Not every baby wants to jet about town covered in a glorified sleeping bag. Some may feel the need to be a little more stylish than that. For those baby hipsters, we’ve got just the solution for chilly days. Behold the Smally Hoodmuff. I love this thing. Not only is it certifiably adorable–I mean come on, it looks like a comfy hoodie sweatshirt–it’s also ridiculously easy to use. We’ve had no trouble attaching it to our stroller seat and zipping baby in. And though it’s obviously not intended for frigid  winter days, I like it as an extra layer...

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Ever wanted to make your own stamps? Me too.

Ink stamps give everyday notes just the right amount of pop. I’ve always been interested in making my own designs but until this ridiculously cool product was created, that seemed just way too complicated. Yellow Owl Workshop puts all of the pieces in The Print Workshop Carve a Stamp Kit, which is just too cool. A linoleum cutter with six blades is perfect for carving owls, elephants, and so many more. There’s even a handy book included to give you great ideas and templates to get you started.  Keep in mind that this is not a kids’ toy–while there...

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Subscribing to Cool Mom Picks is a walk in the park

Our subscriber-only giveaway this month will land one lucky Cool Mom Picks subscriber with this gorgeous, award-winning City Mini stroller, courtesy of Baby Jogger. But even if you don’t win you win–with our editors’ picks, celebrity trends, and special steals and deals that you won’t see on our site, all delivered right to your inbox. And all you have to do is subscribe here and look for the giveaway details in our February 1 newsletter. Good...

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Vintage suitcases that need never travel again

I have always had a major love for vintage bags and suitcases, and am so lucky to have some inherited from grandparents and great aunts. A few are in use (so great for gloves and scarves!) but none quite like this totally awesome DIY nightstand. When I saw this vintage suitcases nightstand project at Cupcakes + Cashmere I thought, WANT. (Really. Just one word. It was kind of primal.) It’s as simple as stacking several suitcases and placing a beveled mirror on top. You might want to stuff the suitcases with old blankets or tees though–I’ve found that some...

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Adorable printable chore charts. Whining not included.

I’ve used, and subsequently retired, countless chore chart systems for my family, mostly because they end up being just a bit too involved for my busy life. But these simple, printable charts might just be exactly what I’ve been looking for. I figure if mom of four Gennifer Bursett designed these printable chore charts, then they’re worth giving a try with my own foursome. What I love about these in particular, aside from the direct DO YOUR CHORES reminder (which I find myself saying all too often), is that they’re a blank slate, allowing you to add or remove different chores whenever you...

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