Forget grungy: upcycled gets downright gorgeous

Upcycled magazine holder from Swedish Guy DesignCreating art, decor and furniture with upcycled materials is not just a fleeting design fad. It’s a way of living for many artists who want to create items that are sustainable and friendly to our earth. Fortunately, a lot of upcycled pieces are on the forefront of design as well.

Meet Swedish Guy Design. “Swedish Guy” grew up on a farm in Minnesota with his Swedish/
Norwegian family, then became certified
as a Green Builder in San Francisco. What’s really interesting is that the source of material for all of his gorgeous
pieces–from a modern lamp to a magazine rack to an iPhone dock–is French oak wine barrels. Any proud Californian will love
that detail, right?

And wow, I’m just in love with that midcentury-modern serving tray, even if it’s a wee bit costly.

Upcycled table lamp from Swedish Guy Design

                                 Upcycled table lamp from Swedish Guy Design

                                 Upcycled iPhone dock by Swedish Guy Design

If you are a design enthusiast or just someone who appreciates modern
design and re-claimed products, happy shopping. –Kirsten

Find more modern, upcycled products exclusively at Swedish Guy Design on Etsy.

Kirsten Grove is an interior decorator and designer, the author of the popular design blog Simply Grove, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks.

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