Word to Big Bird: neff helps skaters and boarders sweep those clouds away

If there’s one thing I hope all parents can all agree on, it’s a love for Big Bird. (There are certainly more polarizing muppets, but Big Bird isn’t one of them.) With the cooler weather finally making an appearance for most of the country, we love that one of the top skate brands is sharing that love too, and creating some funky warm headwear for kids.

Sesame Street skater caps | neff

is a super cool skate and snowboarding apparel company. (You might
recognize their logo of a
smiley face with a tongue sticking out.) They teamed up with Sesame
Street for a fabulous collaboration of three snuggly muppet hats. I think
Big Bird is adorable, but considering the one-size-fits-all is actually
sized for grade-school kids, I’d imagine more of them will choose Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch.

There’s something kind of nice about knowing the Muppets are still cool enough for big kids, you know? –Eva

Find the neff Sesame Street skater/boarder caps online at Tillys.com, at your local skate shop, or, if you want it in adult sizes, they’re online just for you at our affiliate, Amazon.

Eva Glettner is a lover of street art and skateboarding, the blogger behind Skate Mamas, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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