Hair ties that are way prettier than a hair tie should be

Emi-Jay hair tiesI’m not one to get too excited about hair bands, but when I saw the ones from Emi-Jay, I gasped. Seriously. I know that sounds lame, but for those of us bored of ponytail holders and not up for fussy poufs and clips, this is a beautifully brilliant alternative.

The coolest part? Guess who made them.

Emi-Jay hair ties
are simple, handmade ties that remind me of shimmery ballet slipper
elastics only a little wider. It’s really just a wide, stretchy band
tied in a pretty knot, but they’re very nicely made. And I have to admit,
I was extra impressed when I found out the whole company was dreamed up
by two teenage girls (Emi and Jay), and now their bands adorn the famous locks of
Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, and Heidi Klum. Plus they donate a portion of their profits to great charities.

Emi-Jay hair ties       Crystal bead hair bands from Emi-Jay

can find sophisticated color palettes like the pearl collection (my
favorite), a metallic that would be fun as we get closer to holiday
party season, and of course basics, brighter colors, and pastels–because they will look pretty cute on little girls, too.

If you want something a little more nighttime, check out the crystal bead collection which is equally subtle and pretty. And I say that as someone who rarely thinks anything with the words “crystal bead” will be subtle or pretty.

best part is, that when you pull it out of your hair and put it around
your wrist, as some of us are wont to do (ahem), it still looks nice.
Like…I meant to do that. I’m sorry, old hair elastics, I think we need to have a talk. -Liz

Find Emi-Jay hair ties online at their website and learn more about this cool little company. Also find them at tons of independent boutiques and salons around the country.


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech. This makes her very happy.

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