Finally! Crayons for every skin tone

flesh crayonsRecently we found a wonderful pin on Pinterest that our followers loved too–an editorial photo of a dozen shades of crayons all labeled flesh. Awesome! 

We’ve been actively trying to track down the creator of the photo (any help is welcome). And it’s not just a pic: we’re delighted to see that you can indeed buy fleshtone crayons from Crayola now. Gone are the days of one-skin-fits-all, icky peachy-orange.

Now, it’s not like they’re perfect–I have yet to see a snow-white person who wasn’t made up for kabuki theater, and I have yet to see a shiny licorice-black person, either. But I
think kids (and grownups!) will be excited about the variety, with eight shades ranging
from apricot to sepia and mahogany, representing a heck of a lot more of the world.  

Crayola Multicultural skin tone crayons

As for purple dogs and turquoise suns? Well, those still require the standard Crayola packs.  –Liz

Find the Crayola skin tone crayons online at the Crayola Store.

[thanks karissa!]


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. This makes her very happy.


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    The Crayola Multicultural crayons, markers, and paints have been around for many years (I was using them as preschool teacher more than 10 years ago). They also have multicultural colored pencils, but I prefer Lyra’s Skin Tone Colored Pencils (they are more expensive).

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