Wishlist wonderful: a kid’s desk designed to dazzle

My kids have always been obsessed with arts and crafts. (I don’t really know of a kid who isn’t.) And as a parent, I’ve always tried to create fun spaces for my kids to use their imaginations to the fullest. Now this desk is at the tippy-top of my design list.

The Deskhouse by Cool Kids Company

The Deskhouse by Cool Kids Company
is a smart but trendy piece that functions as an art desk and a
playhouse. How fun is that? 

Designed by
Alberto Marcos, it’s a pricey but really clever drafting desk for
art activities and a most inviting hideaway. Look carefully and you’ll see the oak chimney is used for storage for pencils and
crayons. The Deskhouse is made of eco-friendly solid oak covered with white
melamine, and looks super sturdy and easy-to-clean. It’s a great size for kids up to about 8 or so, so your family will get plenty of use out of it (unlike toddler-only seating). 

                         The Deskhouse by Cool Kids Company
This piece is designed in Spain and ships directly to the U.S. But don’t panic. It looks like shipping is fixed at $5 (really). You can’t find that kind of deal on most big kids’ furniture, not even the stuff that’s made here. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.  –Kirsten

Shop this fabulous child’s desk and more at Cool Kids Company.

Kirsten Grove is an interior decorator and designer, the author of the popular design blog Simply Grove, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks.

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