Fast Fruit for grownups on the GoGo. (Yes, squeeze packs for grownups!)

I can’t be the only parent who’s swiped my kids’ squeezable fruit pouches. I love fruit so much, I could be a fruitarian with very little prompting. And now there’s a fruit pouch for us grown folks, with some decidedly grown-up flavors. Score!

GoGo squeeZ Fast Fruit

CMP favorite GoGo squeeZ has launched Fast Fruit, each with a full serving of 100% fruit in Apple-Peach-Passion Fruit, Apple-Mango-Pineapple-Banana, and Apple-Cranberry-Raspberry (I’m drooling just writing those flavors).

Each pack has a built-in straw (veddy adult, of course) and yes, the packages can be recycled. It’s also a great option for slightly older kids, because the portion size is a little bigger. One small issue: Fast Fruit’s 4.3 ounce size probably won’t make it through airport security, but it’s a great choice for car travel and basic snacking. 

And Fast Fruit helps us parents with a tendency to sneak our kids’ chocolate santas and candy canes. Any increase in dignity, however small, does help. -Shari 

Find GoGo squeeZ Fast Fruit at our affiliate Amazon, or at many grocery stores near you, including A&P and CVS.


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  • Reply December 5, 2012


    No joke, I bought these last night for me. The Apple -Raspberry-Cranberry one. Very good!

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