The most fabulous New Year’s Cards on Etsy: long live the procrastinators!

By my calculations, we still have another two weeks or so to get our New Year’s cards out. Now not only does sending New Year’s cards buy us a little more time (and often some nifty sale prices), it avoids that question of what your diverse roster of friends and family might be celebrating.

Custom New Year's photo card | In Or Out Media

From custom photo cards to fancy letterpress and DIY printables, here are some standout New Year’s cards from talented artists on Etsy–cards that I’d love to open a week or so into January, when Christmas cards suddenly seem kind of old. –Liz

Custom New Year’s Photo Card
($18/10 with bulk discounts or $9 for a DIY template, In Or Out Media. )

Custom Chalkboard New Year's card | Frank and Frida
Custom Chalkboard New Year’s Card
($11 for printable template, Frank and Frida)

2013 kraft paper card | Paper Papel Papier
Eco-Friendly 2013 Card
(?3, Paper Papel Papier)

New Year's Eve letterpress card | Hello Lucky
New Year’s Eve Letterpress Cards
($15/6, Hello Lucky)

Bike and stars New Year's card | Rachel Ink
New Year’s Bike and Stars Card
($3, Rachel Ink; order 25+ and have a custom message printed inside)

Kraft paper New Year's photo card | In or Out Media
Custom Kraft Paper New Year’s Card
($22/10 with bulk discounts, In Or Out Media)

Letterpress champagne glass card | Foglio Press
Champagne Glass Letterpress New Year Cards
($20/6, Foglio Press)

Antique New Year's cards | boxes by brkr
Digital Download of 32 Antique New Year’s Cards
($3.50/PDF, Boxes by Brkr)

Peace card | Snow and Ivy
Peace Card
($22/12, Snow and Ivy)


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. This makes her very happy.

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    Cool Mom Picks

    Even better? Double your new year’s cards as thank you cards and kill two birds with one stone! (or stamp)

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