Month: May 2012

6 cool picnic essentials for a Mother’s Day in the park

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and not just because my boys spoil me silly with kisses. It hits at the best time of year when the weather turns warm, the flowers bloom and the farmer’s market begins showing signs of bounty. If your mama is a breakfast in bed kind of lady, check out our easy recipes for a make-ahead Mother’s Day brunch. Otherwise, so long as the sun is shining, why not celebrate Mother’s Day with a laid back picnic. Grab your mama, some bread and cheese, and these 7 picnic essentials to celebrate al...

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Rock and Roll baby names. Not to be confused with weird rock star baby names

Okay so who isn’t at least somewhat fascinated by celebrity baby names–especially those from the rock stars we know and love. Sometimes I wonder if they have any regrets. (True Story: a friend of mine named her baby a name she wasn’t completely sold on and changed it five weeks later.)  If you’re in that baby naming phase of life, we’ve got the book for you. In fact I wish that I had it  when I was pregnant. Rock and Roll Baby Names: Over 2000 Rock Inspired Baby Names from Alison to Ziggy is as cool as it sounds....

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Wooden pull toys – Remember those?

7Long ago, before everything had a battery, lights, and played annoying music of some kind, kids actually had to power their own toys. And as much as I have an appreciation for power toys in my arsenal of parenting tricks, I just love a simple wooden toy with a string. The vintage pink elephant wooden pull toy at New Arrivals Inc. would make such a lovely baby shower or new baby gift. Until the little one’s old enough to play with it, I’d pop it on a shelf as a decoration. Then if your kids are anything like mine,...

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A Mothers Day book for any kind of mother – always a perfect gift.

We think that books make the most perfect gifts any time of year, and Mother’s Day is no exception. So for those literary mamas in your life, here are are suggestions of a few terrific Mother’s Day gifts. Bonus: There’s less lead time on these than a personalized necklace. Especially if you walk down to your local bookshop to buy it. FOR THE WORKING MOM: Just Let Me Lie Down by Kristin Von Ogtrop Yes, of course we’re all working moms, but those who work out of the house can often use a little extra “I get what you’re...

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Secret affordable earring resource, revealed!

I’ve posted a few pictures of me lately wearing these awesome new earrings I found, and I’ve gotten so many requests for the purchasing info, I give! Uncle! I will just have to accept the fact that my secret find is no longer my secret find. I’m often skeptical of felt-based jewelry, especially when I’m ordering online and can’t see them in person. But when my Feistyelle earrings arrived, I was nothing but thrilled. These thick, substantial, laser-cut felt designs look amazing, and because they’re so lightweight, they feel amazing too. I am a proud owner of the dahlia...

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Creating chalk roads with 100% fewer backaches

Around the same time our daffodils appear, the kids drag their big bucket of chalk out onto our driveway to create an elaborate chalk city. And while I love that we all get out into the fresh air, have you ever tried to help draw a road with a 4-inch piece of chalk on a l-o-n-g piece of asphalt? It’s a wonder I can walk upright again. But, now I’ve found a super-handy tool that makes the creation of these roads for their city almost as much fun as playing on it. And certainly less back-hurty. {Keep reading for...

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Ever considered using a personal shopper? Here’s your chance

I’ve recently gotten to better know Stacey Mayesh, a bona fide stylist to the stars. And a really nice one at that. You’ve no doubt seen her work if you’ve read Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, Lucky…and she’s styled the likes of celebs from Jessica Alba to Claire Danes to Susan Sarandon. Sean Combs has even hired her. (Now that’s a story I’d like to hear about!) Now, Stacey is working with private clients to help them purge, create, or otherwise rehabilitate their wardrobes and shopping habits. Kind of like What Not to Wear, only without the public humiliation. And...

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Honestly wonderful news for moms and babies

Editor’s note: Due to a few technical difficulties, the store will be running by end of May for individual purchases. I always love finding more choices for safe, non-toxic baby products for my family, which is exactly why I was so excited to discover The Honest Company a few months ago. It’s an amazing collaboration between green guru Chris Gavigan and eco-mama Jessica Alba. It’s also why I was thrilled that they partnered with us for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. But while we adore their baby product monthly subscription bundles, we did wonder when they might start offering...

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Some alphabet art is more equal than other alphabet art

Alphabet art is everywhere, as Cool Mom Picks readers surely know. We’ve covered dozens of interpretations of the alphabet from all kinds of artists, but there’s always room for another. Especially when it’s this cool. Boo and You is a brand new children’s wall art website based in Sydney Australia.  The website features personalized and non-personalized prints of all kinds, but I was completely taken with their alphabet prints.  They each have a cute theme created by whimsical images and soft colors.  You can select your own color scheme and each print is hand signed by the artist.                                 ...

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Flower power!

I admit that I’m not much of a floral person when it comes to clothes–a bit of a challenge considering I’ve got three girls to dress in a season where flowers are the hottest thing next to neon. However, when I caught a peek at this adorable one piece by CMP fave Kicky Pants, I realized that maybe it’s not so much that I don’t like flowers, but rather that I hadn’t found the right ones. [don’t miss a big exclusive discount after the jump!] The Kicky Pants Hydrangea coverall at CMP fave Cattiwampus features one of my favorite...

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A custom Mother’s Day gift you still have time to order

We love Mother’s Day and we love lockets, and we love handmade, and we love surprises, especially when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. So we are so happy to have found a really beautiful custom Mother’s Day gift that combines so many of so many of our favorite things. We’re digging on the custom lockets from Stella Saves the Day on Etsy. One half of the locket is a photo that you can insert yourself, while the other is a beautiful bit of monogramming.  Choose up to three simple letters or a single monogrammed letter and Brooklyn artist...

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