Today, we celebrate these 6 artists who find inspiration from peace. Thank you.

Peace on Earth cards by Rifle Paper Co | Cool Mom Picks

Peace on Earth card box set, Rifle Paper Co

Dove ornaments | Cool Mom Picks

Dove ornaments, Cookie Dough Creations


Mod Dove Brooch | Cool Mom Picks

Mod Dove Brooch, Anthaus


Dove pillow from Joom | Cool Mom Picks

Dove pillow, Joom


Dove art by Orange Optimist | Cool Mom Picks

Dove illustration art print, Orange Optimist


Dove wall decals | Cool Mom Picks

Peace, Love, Bird wall decals, Great Walls of Fire


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. This makes her very happy.

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