Inspiring words for aspiring adults

I’m not generally one for inspirational quotes around the house. But sometimes there are phrases that I just want to think about all day–and I wouldn’t mind my kids spending time mulling them over either.


Work Hard and Be Nice poster | Cool Mom Picks


The Work Hard and Be Nice poster from prolific graphic designer Anthony Burrill is a lovely message to have around, especially over a child’s desk. In fact, he has quite a few in his shop that would fit the bill. Take a look around–one is bound to make you think. Or smile. Or both.

Ask More Questions poster | Cool Mom Picks

I Like It poster | Cool Mom Picks

Plus they’re so beautifully hand-printed onto recycled paper using woodblock, I might not even mind the shipping charges from the UK. –Liz

Find the Work Hard poster and lots of other wonderful typographical art online from Anthony Burrill

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