Literature in bloom

I’m not usually one for fake flowers around the house–I much prefer the real thing. But when they’re as cool and crafty as these, I could easily make an exception.

Julie Lynn paper flower bouquets | Cool Mom Picks

Julie Romero’s Handmade Paper Flowers are all made to order with 50 blooms crafted from recycled books. I happen to like the ones from classics like Pride and Prejudice and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; but you can also find popular favorites like The Notebook or Twilight.

(Although shouldn’t those be dead flowers? Anyway.)

Recycled book paper flowers | Cool Mom Picks

It’s a cool gift for a writerly type, a literary lover, or just someone who appreciates the clever combination of smarts and beauty. –Liz

Find handmade paper flowers at Julie Lynn Design.


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. This makes her very happy.

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