Father’s Day gifts from the kids: 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Nothing is sweeter than a Father’s Day gift that really truly comes from the kids. Whether they make a card (still our all-time favorite gift), get crafty, or pick out something a little fancier, here are some fun Father’s Day gift ideas “from the kids.” Even if they’re not the ones paying. Yet.

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Father’s Day photo from the kids (above)
It’s so easy to have them hold big letters from a craft store, or just their own letters hand-colored onto construction paper. (Free tutorial at No Biggie)

Custom Father's Day ice cream on Cool Mom Picks

Custom Father’s Day ice cream
We’ve been longtime fans of the delicious ice creams from eCreamery, especially the flavors in the Father’s Day collection. (Sea Salt Caramel with Chocolate Covered Pretzels? ZOMG.) Plus the labels have names like World’s Coolest Dad and Dad’s Breakfast of Champions. Cheap? No way. Remembered long after the carton is empty? You bet. ($49.99 per half-gallon, $89.99 per gallon, at eCreamery)

Crayola Color Studio | Cool Mom Picks

Color an illustration of dad from a photo
Upload a pic of dad and print out coloring pages that the kids can turn into cards and crafts. Or they can just frame them on their own–once they’ve gone to town with their 64-pack of Crayolas, of course.  (Free with code on Crayola box; photo via Andy Hinds)

Parents night out pad for Father's Day on Cool Mom Picks

Parents’ Night Out Pad
Aw, how sweet of the baby to give you both a night out, and maybe even a sitter for the night. The baby knows you so well! ($8 at Give Simple)

Cooper & Kid Activity Box for Father's Day on Cool Mom Picks

Cooper & Kid Activity Box for Dad
There’s hardly a kid who wouldn’t like more time with his dad or grandpa, and this kit makes it super easy. Ideally it will become a subscription series, but for now the “How Things Fly” kit is an awesome place to start, with well-curated toys and activities for building, flying, playing, cooking dinner together, and even bedtime story-reading. And the box itself becomes a toy too. ($65, Cooper & Kid)

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects on Cool Mom Picks

Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects
We’re in love with this book by Mike Adamick, which lets dads get crafty with the kids too. You can even package it with some of the supplies needed, so he can get going with the kids as soon as he cracks it open. ($12.63, Amazon)


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    I love the Dad’s book of Awesome Projects! My hubby would too!

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    Extra Fresh Body Wash

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    I have to say the box of stuff to do with dad. I so hope I can pull the money together to get this for the boys and their dad. Subscription would be even cooler! Thank you thank you for this idea!!

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    My husband loves the Dove Mens + Care Shampoo/conditioner. It smells nice.

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    Hubby would most likely want to try the Dove Extra Fresh Antiperspirant

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    I think my husband would like the Clean Comfort Body & Face Wash the best.

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    My husband would love the Clinical protection anti perspirant

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    Jack Spade Canvas Messenger Bag!

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    Native Union Bluetooth Switch Speaker!

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    I think he would like the Dove face lotion.

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    The 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner

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    Fresh Awake Body Wash

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    The DOVE + CARE MEN’S ITEM my husband loves best is the line of soaps. I was always getting on him to use cologne but with this soap, he smells amazing all day!

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    He would like the Sensitive Face Wash.

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    I think my husband would like the Dove® Men+CareTM Fresh Clean Fortifying 2

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    My husband would most likely want to try the Dove Men’s Care Body and Face Wash and/or the Shampoo & Conditioner.

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    Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects !!!

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    The gift pack, ESP the face and shaving stuff from dove

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