This collection of prints in bright colors will make you as happy as a nun on an Austrian hillside. But if you’re not a Sound of Music fan (cretin!) there’s so many other wonderful prints in this super Etsy shop we found.

Sound of Music print at Cool Mom Picks!

These lively, vibrant prints from Ali G Douglass, an Asheville-based artist, are based on her gouache paintings and printed in archival inks for art that lasts a lifetime. And what’s great is that they’re perfect for that very thing, going beautifully from a nursery to that between-little-kid-and-tween time.

Library Gal print at Cool Mom Picks!

Girl on bike print on Cool Mom Picks!

Sheep print at Cool Mom Picks!

Swing print at Cool Mom Picks!

Futuristic car print at  Cool Mom Picks!

Frankly, if my kids were sick of them, I think some of them would look great in my own room. Let’s be honest, Julie Andrews is forever. –Delilah

Find colorful prints for children’s rooms at aligdouglass on Etsy.