Web Coolness: Oversharing parents, poignant photos of the elderly, and an awesome kid’s birthday party idea

Here are some things we’ve loved reading around the web this week. We hope you do too.

Reflections by Tom Hussey on Cool Mom Picks

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were is incredibly touching to see, especially as our own parents grow older. (via FS)

The Mom From ‘The Cat in the Hat’ Finally Speaks. Hilarious! 

Why does Kristen need a wife?

If you were as upset as us by the awful racist fuss caused by a Cheerios commercial, you’ve got to hear these awesome kids and their feelings about it. 

DIY dry-erase travel books for those long trips to the beach.

Check out why we are so bananas over these geeky soaps. Yes, soaps!

How much of your kids’ lives should you share online

Handmade Charlotte crafting on Cool Mom Picks

Love how Kristen’s daughter had an art-filled birthday party with the help of Rachel at Handmade Charlotte.

Writing stories with stickers.

Can you help CMP favorite Heart & Stone jewelry open a new store and gallery to support other artists in the community?

Pinterest Boards of the Week: Love RedRover’s Summer Fun Pinterest board, though when the rain comes, check out their Rainy Day DIY and Crafts board too.

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