Document your baby’s firsts, Petunia Pickle Bottom-style

The first time I saw a diaper bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom more than eight years ago, it was love at first sight. Compared to the dowdy black diaper bag I had, it was a revelation to see the bright floral patterns and the attention to construction detail. We have come to expect amazing new designs every year, but we’re so delighted that they just launched a brand new baby book today, and we get to be the first to show it to you!

It might even be the reinvention of the baby book.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Beginnings Baby Book at Cool Mom Picks

We’re excited about Petunia Pickle Bottom’s lovely new Beginnings Baby Book which launches today. It really is a perfect gift for any mom-to-be.

Looking almost like a tablet case, this thin book is encased in your choice of gorgeous (and very durable) fabrics, then zips open to reveal an organized set of pockets and enclosures for you to keep important details about your baby, her milestones and medical information.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Beginnings Baby Book at Cool Mom Picks

With all the pediatrician visits you have with baby during the first year, it can really help keep everything organized, with slots for appointment cards,  doctor’s information, and photos of those adorable chubby cheeks. I also really like the journal that lets you take notes during appointments or just jot down milestones–which beats scribbling notes on the back of ATM receipts like so many of us end up doing.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Beginnings Baby Book at Cool Mom Picks

Good luck trying to choose one of the eight fabric choices. I’m particularly fond of the stylish Sunshine in Scandinavia print–a beautiful citron/gray combo in a stylish chevron print; and I am totally in love with the Happiness in Hamburg pattern (shown at very top) as well.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Beginnings Baby Book at Cool Mom Picks

You can also match them–or contrast them–with your City Carryall, the Sashay Satchel, the wallets, totes, the backpacks–whoa.

Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack at Cool Mom Picks

I have to say I think I’d feel pretty stylish whipping out this book to help keep me organized in those early months. Especially at a time when I usually feel very little of either. Jeana

The Beginnings Baby Book is available for $64. To see all of the gorgeous fabrics in the new fall line, check out the website.

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