Kinderwagon Hop: At last, a double stroller you can take anywhere

What is it about strollers that makes a big kid want to ride in one as soon as there’s a little kid in there? Nothing like a second baby to help you understand the need for a double stroller, even if you thought you were out of the weeds on that one. Fortunately there’s a fabulous new double stroller perfect for those who don’t want to pay the big bucks for a super fancy one. 

kinderwagon DUO double umbrella stroller | cool mom picks


We first checked out the Kinderwagon HOP Stroller earlier this year and have been waiting ages for the revamped version to be available. And now it is! It’s not just great from a price perespective, but for those parents looking for a more compact double option that’s easy to cart around, including up and down subway steps.

Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a double stroller I’d want to try bringing on the subway before this one. 

kinderwagon double stroller in black | cool mom picks

This awesome umbrella stroller (yup, it’s a double umbrella!) folds up just like a single. It’s small, compact, can accomodate an infant seat, and would totally fit into most car trunks. And yet, it can accommodate two children effortlessly. Not surprisingly, it was designed by a Brooklyn mom of three who knows a little something about toting around multiple kids.

kinderwagon duo with infant seat | cool mom picks

kinderwagon double stroller folded | cool mom picks

There’s a front seat and a back seat, with the back seat raised up higher than the front so that no child is forced to stare at the back of a stroller seat (one of my double stroller pet peeves). It’s simple, and easy to use, and, let me say, looks super cute when you see two little ones riding along contentedly. 

kinderwagon HOP double stroller | cool mom picks

I tried the original stroller, and found it really appealing; and now there are now some excellent updates for the new version, including an easier one-hand recline mechanism for the rear seat and a larger footrest for the front seat. 

In fact, my only complaint is that the storage area under the stroller is a little bit difficult to access. But really, since the thing’s carting two of my kids around and preventing a major mall meltdown, I am fine with carrying some of my purchases over my shoulder. Sure beats having an older kid hanging there. –Stephanie

Find the Kinderwagon HOP double umbrella stroller online from Kinderwagon for $299

Stephanie S.

Stephanie Slate is an Ontario-based writer, crunchy mom, and celebrity stroller expert. And no, she does not say "eh."


  • Reply August 29, 2013


    This is an awesome stroller, but I think $299 does amount to spending “big bucks”. I bought my double stroller from a neighbor for $30.

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply August 29, 2013

    Cool Mom Picks

    Jana, you are a lucky woman! Obviously buying a used stroller in great condition will always be cheaper than buying anything new.

    However considering (new) double strollers that can be used from birth starting around $500 and topping out around $1600, we are really pleased to find this option for parents.

  • Reply August 29, 2013


    I had this stroller for my twins and hated it. It’s hard to maneuver, the seats don’t recline, the sun cover didn’t provide much shade and the kid in the back can pull the oth er child’s hair. I gave it away to a friend and she didn’t like it either.

  • Reply December 27, 2013


    I have a 3 month old and a 20 month old (+ 5 year old) – I love it! I researched every double stroller tandem etc and Kinderwagon won hands down. I am going to buy a ray shade for the front seat as the canopy doesn’t cover when the back is reclined. Everything that had comparable attributes was $900 +, much heavier and much bulkier. My kids love it ( the baby sleeps in it so that is her approval rating).

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