I don’t know too many women who don’t have a little space in their hearts for Wonder Woman, whether it’s the original DC comic, the awesomely campy Lynda Carter TV series, or just the fantasy of having an alter-ego superhero. So I am kind of geeking out over this jewelry that pays homage to her and other DC Comics female characters. 

nOir jewelry wonder woman ring | cool mom picks

I discovered nOir Jewelry when I saw some of their beautiful work on Fab, and clicked over to the site. With such fun, edgy, room-stopping pieces, it’s no wonder celebs like Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Nicki Minaj and and Rihanna are among their fans. And then…I found the DC comics jewelry collection.

supergirl necklace | cool mom picks

Wonder Woman Ring is my favorite, reinterpreting the red white and blue in a totally fun way. Instant cocktail party conversation starter.

catgirl claw ring by nOir jewelry | cool mom picks

If you have a darker aesthetic, you might prefer the Cat Woman claw ring. If you're super dedicated, there's a $500 gold-plated Supergirl Necklace. Yes they're kitschy, but they're well made and not some bubblegum-machine trinkets. I could imagine quite a few friends who would wear them with love. Halloween might be a fun excuse. Or, too soon to think about holidays?

See the DC Comics jewelry collection and more (some of it less kitschy) online at nOir jewelry.