Month: January 2013

Merci pour les cadeaux

No sooner are the holidays over that I need to get on that thank-you note writing for all those generous gifts. And when I saw this stamp, I thought, ooh…that could help. A merci hand lettered rubber stamp would not only add elegance to the outside of your envelope, it can honestly turn any notecard into a thank-you note. Just stamp the outside of that floral card, plain stationery, or even a photo of the kids, and voila…instant gratitude in lovely paper form. You’re welcome. –LizFind thank you rubber stamps and more hand-lettered beautiful stationery supplies online at Etsy’s...

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If I could save time in a bottle: creating a family time capsule

I love the idea of using this first day of the year to reflect back on 2012 by creating a keepsake that we’ll be able to look back at someday. And when the idea is as easy as this one, I know I may even be able to handle pulling it all together even after staying up past midnight. This Time Capsule idea is so great because it uses an empty 2-liter bottle of soda (which we have plenty of after the holidays), a couple of free printables, and then whatever other little things you want to add to personalize your...

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