While the dog collars of the 80’s aren’t quite back (yet) we’ve been eyeing the new array of spiked jewelry and loving it. It’s an easy way to bring a little rock-and-roll to even the most basic outfit–just so long as you don’t overdo it. It’s an accent piece, not a costume. 

Here, 9 of my favorite spiky baubles that you mayyyyy even see gracing the necks and earlobes of our own staff these days. –Liz

leather pyramid necklace | cool mom picks


Leather and Linen Necklace ($64, Poketo)
Scared of accidentally stabbing the baby? Molly McGrath laser-etches metallic leather to create a spiky look without any actual edges. 

pyramid stretch bracelets at bauble bar | cool mom picks

Pyramid Stretch Bracelet Set ($66/4, Bauble Bar)
This quartet of spiked bracelets in different finishes looks great all together, or separately for a subtler look. I own a similar gold-finished one and–pretty darn awesome. And less likely to poke than some other options.


POP earrings from k20 by karen ko | cool mom picks

K20 by Karen Ko ($ ,K20 by Karen Ko)
I’m officially a collector of Karen Ko’s amazing jewelry which I fell for a few years ago. A lot of her pieces incorporate (non-dangerous) spikes, including plenty in her sale section. Find great deals like a resin spiked bracelet for just $5.25, a rocker-chic Avant Rock II Necklace ($25, originally $100), and the POP Rocks crystal and spike earrings (above) in different colors ($25-30, originally $100).

karen ko victorian spike necklace | cool mom picks

I also love the contrasts of this stunning Victorian inspired Starlette II Necklace($50, originally $250)

sweet and vicious earrings by karen ko | cool mom picks

If you’re willing to venture out of the sale section–oof, there’s so much great stuff, including the Sweet & Vicious II earrings, which blend sweet pearls with golden spikes. I own a pair and wear them a lot. 


stiletto spike bracelet at henri bendel | cool mom picks

Stiletto Spike Bracelet ($98, Henri Bendel)
I think this is a really fun update to the traditional charm bracelet if you’re the type who likes jangly, chunky statement bracelets when you head out. (Definitely not for doing the dishes.) 

hanson design tribal spike necklace | cool mom picks

Tribal Spike Necklace ($52, Hanson Design)
Spikes don’t have to be all about metallics; I love this made-to-order piece from an Etsy artist who incorporates Howlite spikes and pretty Czech beads all strung on a subtle gold chain.

fringe spike hoop earring on etsy | cool mom picks

Fringe Spike Earrings ($21, Jungwha)
I love when multiple spikes come together like fringes, and these 14k goldfill hoop earrings do a great job of keeping it simple. Also? Way less chance of stabbing your loved ones when you keep the spikes to your earlobes.