Baby’s First Hanukkah Gift Ideas. Just the good ones.

Hebrew Alphabet Blocks | Cool Mom Picks

Yes, there’s always that “Baby’s First Hanukkah” bib that you’ll use for 8 nights, max. But we dug to help find gift ideas for your baby’s first Hanukkah that are just a wee bit cooler than some of the others.

Hebrew letter blocks  ($34, Uncommon Goods)
Uncle Goose makes some of our favorite blocks, including a great foreign language selection. The Hebrew ones are perfect for baby — and could give her a leg up on identifying the Gimel on the dreidel quickly.



Little Pim Hebrew Learning DVDs | Cool Mom Picks

Little Pim English/Hebrew DVD Set ($59.99, or $34.99 for Digital Download, Little Pim)
The very best learning system for getting kids to take on a second language. Also, way cute.

Baby Custom Name Bracelet | Cool Mom Picks

Personalized Baby ID bracelet ($69.95, Red Envelope)
Such a sweet keepsake, but hurry and order quickly! Then again, it can be the eighth night gift instead of the first; your kid’s too young to know the difference anyway.


Yiddish Cat in the Hat | Cool Mom Picks

Yiddish Cat in the Hat ($16.95, Modern Tribe) Di Kats Der Payats is the same Cat in the Hat we’ve loved for decades, only he has a little more guilt about making such a mess.


Noah's Ark Shape Sorter for Babies | Cool Mom Picks

Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter ($19.99,
Our own kids had this very one, and loved those little animals long after the boat went missing.


Hanukkah Gift : Plant a Tree in Israel | Cool Mom Picks

Plant a Tree in Israel ($18+donation, Hadassa via  Kintera)
Plant a tree to help beautiful the Beersheva River Park Project. Then maybe visit one day.
Mini Mentsch Baby Onesie | Cool Mom Picks

Mini Mentsch Bodysuit ($16.99, Janice Levy at Cafe Press)
Only because it’s true.


Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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  • Reply December 4, 2014

    Jennifer (aka Hint Mama)

    Very cute ideas. Here’s what I’m doing for my baby this year – I bought two gift sets of board books (Dr. Seuss & art ones) and I’m going to give my newborn a board book each night that his 2-year-old sister can unwrap and use (so the gifts will go to good use right away:) ).

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