Month: November 2013

We predict your kid’s next favorite book will be an atlas. Really.

Lately my kids and I have been snuggling up on the couch in front of the fireplace and browsing through a stunning new coffee table book featuring exquisite hand-drawn maps of countries around the world. It’s delightfully wonderful. I really, really love it. Maps, by Polish artists Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński, is a lavish collection of 52 maps of countries from every continent around the globe. But you’re not just getting topography and political markers with this book. The pages are filled with winsome illustrations of cultural icons from that region. Germany’s map, for example, shows a girl...

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8 must-have holiday cookbooks for a super delicious season

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving–and Hanukkah!–right around the corner, it’s time to start collecting culinary inspiration for your perfect holiday menu. There are, of course, tons of recipes online, but it’s tricky to know which recipes are reliable. It may be old school, but I say that holiday cooking calls for hitting the bookshelf. These eight awesome holiday cookbooks will help make your holidays special. And if you’re not cooking, well, maybe you need to buy Aunt Sue an early holiday gift: it will pay dividends to all! Find all these books at our affiliate Amazon or your...

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Web Coolness: Best pancake recipes, Thanksgiving crafts, and the biggest baby of the year. Eek!

Here are the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you do too!   8 mouth-watering pancake recipes. The biggest baby of 2013. Wow. #NAPHOPOMO begins–national photo posting month. Be prepared to be inspired. Habits of extremely happy people [via boston mamas] DIY pipe cleaner puppets tutorial-Thanksgiving craft? Harvest & Thrive launches if you need inspiration and motivation. Great tips on how to help with math homework. Finding the best pets for kids with allergies. Yesterday was National Brush Day. Do you have the best toothbrushes for your kids? Funniest tweets from parents via Huffington Post, including one from our own editor Liz @mom101....

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It’s booties season, baby

Just because I don’t have a baby anymore doesn’t mean I can’t drool over cute felt booties like these handmade beauties. Each pair of these adorable baby booties is made by hand, using felt and soft wool to keep those sweet little toes warm all winter long. It’s tough to pick favorites from the vast collection, but I have to say, I’m in love with the slightly unfinished feel of the applique and seam stitching on all of them. Moms of boys: I’m definitely seeing more girl-ish options, but that’s the beauty of Etsy. Just convo the artisan and see...

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Andy Warhol, Bugaboo, and so many twinkling stars. Can you think of a cooler combination?

Last week, the MoMA Design Store free author events for children continued in New York with none other than Andy Warhol. Of course he was not there himself (that would be a little weird–though very Andy) but we were excited to learn about a new board book out for children featuring some amazing new illustrations. What’s more, there’s a stroller to match. Really. So Many Stars is a beautiful board book, including never-before published images almost entirely from 1958. The collection was put together by none other than Bugaboo, as part of the Andy Warhol stroller collection we’ve recently featured. Their newest edition is the...

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5 of our favorite Pinterest pins this week

Obsessed with Pinterest as we are? Follow us for fun finds like this daily 1. Ready for holiday crafts for the kids yet? Fall is the perfect time to get started on this one. 2. Our readers are going nuts for this stylish fall look. So chic and cozy! 3. Beauty products for moms of any age to stock up on. (No judgments.) 4. Super cute new baby gift! Affordable too. 5. Will someone please buy us these hot shoes? Please? Also…why a few of us (ahem) will be buying the new iPad Air or iPad Mini today. Ahem. You...

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Smiling (not scary!) printable skull masks to celebrate the Day of the Dead

See ya, Halloween: We bid a fond farewell to pumpkins, goblins, and waaaay too much candy to celebrate today and tomorrow’s Latin American holiday Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is so cool, we love to celebrate it, even though we’re thousands of miles north of the border. One of our favorite decorations for “Dia de los Muertos” are the beautifully decorated, smiling skulls known as calaveras, unlike the grimacing visages of Halloween. And with this easy, creative, and free craft, you too can create your own version of this holiday with your kids this year....

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Getting your Hanukkah cards together early this year with a little help and a big discount

featured partner This year, with the first night of Hanukkah creeping up on us super early–November 27 to be exact–those of us who celebrate have to be extra organized to get Hanukkah and Thanksgiving ready all at the same time. Eek! [don’t miss a big limited time special offer below!] This is a great time to be locking down those Hanukkah cards, and we’re so happy that Expressionery has some simple, smart options that you can completely customize yourself in moments. You’ll find some simple, tasteful options including photo cards, invitations (love that Hanukkah Lights folded card, above) and...

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Free Birds movie review: Thanksgiving is not for turkeys.

Let me start out this review with a spoiler alert: although Free Birds is a buddy film and the buddies are dudes, the strongest and most intelligent character by far is a girl. And a turkey. And she has a lazy eye. And let me go on to say that I’ll definitely be taking my kids to see this movie in the theater. And that after hearing Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson, and Woody Harrelson dish on their kids, I think we need to have a playdate. Keep reading if you want to know more about why turkeys can be...

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Donating leftover Halloween candy, and other ways to get it out of the house.

This is a favorite post of ours, republished. Hope it helps! Every Halloween, one of the biggest questions we get from readers is what to do with the leftover Halloween Candy. Should you for some bizarre reason not want to eat every single bit of sugar your kids brought into the house this week, here are some of our favorite ideas from past posts: What to do with extra Halloween candy – ideas include donating to troops and selling back to a dentist. 6 places to donate extra Halloween candy – from shelters to churches to local toy stores that will donate it for...

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