Mitten stockings: creative stocking idea in a pinch

Mitten Stockings at Martha Stewart | Cool Mom Picks

Every so often, we end up with an unexpected visitor on Christmas who would of course need his or her own stocking. Once it was a friend’s child, once it was our dog who we forgot to hang a stocking for–who knew my kids would be so adamant about that one. So I think this mitten stocking idea at Martha Stewart is super clever.

No, you don’t have to scramble for knitting supplies right now; even a leftover pair or an inexpensive pair at a local discount store could do the trick, unless you want the mittens themselves to be part of the gift. Then, just make sure you have something to fill it with. Our house always abounds with emergency chocolate Santas this time of year. You know. For the kids.


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. This makes her very happy.

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