Month: August 2013

Our children’s favorite books for ages 2-12: Lots of ideas for summer reading and beyond

  With later sunsets and later bedtimes in the summer, one of the things we’ve been trying to do is spend more time reading with our kids at night before bed–or encouraging them to do it on their own. We imagine we’re not the only ones, since we’ve gotten so many letters, Tweets and comments from readers recently asking us for our favorite kids’ books for children of all ages. So we checked with some of the Cool Mom Picks contributors as to what their own kids are reading, and we’ve got them all right here for you. From...

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Web coolness: Toys in space, the best ads for parents, and unbelievable cakes that are out of this world

Here are some things we’ve loved reading around the web this week. We hope you do too. This LEGO Spaceship Alphabet sure is out of this world! Honored to have participated in this PR Week Magazine parenting roundtable, which looks at how marketing to parents is evolving–and who could do better. Eight Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids. Why your kids’ bedtime may be more important than you think. Would you believe that these models of Jupiter and Earth are cake? Whoa! (via Handmade Charlotte) Do you still sleep soundly after having kids? If the answer is no, here’s where to commiserate. Our own Liz shares...

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True & Co: Bra shopping just got more amazing than ever. Because you don’t have to go.

The idea of a service that let’s you order bras online with “virtual” fitters–well, call me a skeptic. A big skeptic. Until I found this brilliant (seriously) service that…wow. This is not like any online bra shop I’ve ever seen. True & Co is like having a personal lingerie shopper at your service, without the indignity of her feeling you up in the fluorescent-lit dressing room. You just answer a few very specific, multiple choice questions about the fit of your bra: Things like how the bra straps fit, the shape of your breasts, which hook on your bra...

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Document your baby’s firsts, Petunia Pickle Bottom-style

The first time I saw a diaper bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom more than eight years ago, it was love at first sight. Compared to the dowdy black diaper bag I had, it was a revelation to see the bright floral patterns and the attention to construction detail. We have come to expect amazing new designs every year, but we’re so delighted that they just launched a brand new baby book today, and we get to be the first to show it to you! It might even be the reinvention of the baby book. We’re excited about Petunia Pickle...

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Ready made craft kits from Darby Smart let you make those Pinterest projects–that actually might come out like the photos.

I love handmade items, but it is usually a good idea if someone else’s hands make them for me, since crafting is not where my talents lay. But, now that I’ve seen a new service that makes it so easy to create cool things at home, I may have to give DIY another chance. Darby Smart provides a new way to create those cool DIY projects I’ve seen on Pinterest or one of my favorite design blogs. But instead of driving myself crazy trying to find all the supplies I’ll need, the Darby Smart Kit contains all of it,...

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