Elephants on Parade

Personalized fabric elephant family | Cool Mom Picks

We know personalized baby gifts are supposed to show you gave it more than two seconds’ thought choosing a special keepsake. These cozy pachyderms, an exclusive offering from Baby Gardner, do just that. This little baby elephant parade wall hanging is a a great find for anyone looking for a sweet, unique baby gift.

The vintage vibe of these hand-stitched friends make them a darling accessory to any nursery. There is a tenderness to these softies with the interlocking of the trunks and tails of the family, very comforting indeed. We also couldn’t love more how these don’t scream safari theme — and how perfect they are for boys’ and girls’ rooms. From Brooklyn to Portland and in between, these handmade friends will be adored by any family with a newbie in the house. Best of all? The order only requires 2 weeks for delivery, not bad for a custom job. –Stephanie M

Order your personalized elephant family parade at Baby Gardner and be sure to browse all the other wonderful offerings while you are there.


Stephanie M.

Stephanie Mayers is entrenched in the kindie rock industry, a former gallery manager, and a self-proclaimed foodie who doesn’t get out to eat much. (Darn you, parenthood.)

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