The Odd One Out: A welcome twist on the classic find-it book

The Odd One Out: A Spotting Book | Cool Mom Picks

Thanks to a recommendation from our friends at Zoobean, I recently discovered a new book my kids are obsessing over. The Odd One Out: A Spotting Book by Britta Teckentrup puts a modern twist on the classic kids find-it book. You know, those books where they’re supposed to look for something tiny in a big, busy page of cartoons?

We’re big fans of artists who don’t dumb down their art (or their vocabulary, for that matter) for kids, which is why what could be an otherwise annoying read is actually a lovely experience for parents as well as children.

Teckentrup’s dazzling animals—pandas, turtles, fish, rhinos, camels, bats—are all hiding something. And it’s your job to find it. It might be a hidden leg or a tiny shrimp, and sometimes it takes a few looks to see it, which, of course, is what makes the book interesting. But the hidden images aren’t hidden so well that your kids won’t be able to find them on their own. And my bet is that when they finish the last page, they’ll flip right back to the first again.

Odd One Out picture book by Britta Teckentrup | Cool Mom Picks

The Odd One Out seek-and-find book | Cool Mom Picks

The Odd One Out: A Spotting Book by Britta Teckentrup is available from your local indie bookstore or our affiliate Amazon


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