Web Coolness: Tattooed Easter eggs, Push Presents, and the insanity of a $1000 Elsa doll.

Tattooed Easter egg decorating diy project from Tattly

It’s Friday, and we’ve rounded up our favorite links for the week for you to enjoy as much as we did. Have a great weekend!


Terrific Easter egg DIY. With tattoos. Add it to all the other Easter egg decorating ideas we love.

The new Frozen dolls are going for more than $1000 on eBay. Our readers have a lot to say about that.

Laughing at this funny blog post about push presents.

Great advice on how to raise inquisitive kids.

Bookmark: Helpful advice on choosing the best Instagram collage app.

Why some parents do over-the-top ridiculous things to delight our children.

The video our kids are watching over and over: this really brave 6-year-old on a long, fast, steep alpine slide in Austria. Just wow. [via TheKidShouldSeeThis]


Peter Han art by Che | Cool Mom Picks

Peter Pan meets Star Wars art.

A fascinating reason why your kids’ school should never use Comic Sans (besides the obvious).

100 easy steps for getting a toddler to bed. We love #72.

Some tips for surviving kids’ messy play.

Pinterest board of the week: Great creative play ideas on Deborah Beau’s Mum I’m Bored board.


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