Buildex Speed Machines: Cool building toys for kids who love their wheels

Buildex Speed Machine motorcycle | Amazon affiliate link

If you’re looking for a neat little birthday gift, or perhaps something unique for the Easter basket, check out the Buildex Speed Machine construction toy. Because not every kid wants just a bunny in her basket. These brightly colored, wooden-construction building toys for kids turn into toy motorcycles, toy trains, and toy race cars that go together easily without glue or tape. And thanks to a GridLock construction system, they won’t fall apart when your child takes them for a spin.

My son loves that the rubber rimmed wheels on his Speed Drifter Speed Bike really do spin, and the front handlebars can steer the bike where he wants it to go. At less than five inches long, this is not a big toy, though I’m impressed at how sturdy and well-constructed it is, especially given that the cost is well under $10.

Building toys for kids - sports Car by Buildex Speed Machines | Cool Mom Picks

Building toys for kids - Fire truck from Buildex Speed Machines  | Cool Mom Picks

Other building toys for kids in the line range in price and include a sleek sports car, a laid-back toy chopper, and a modern fire truck. Each vehicle is rated for difficulty, with suggested ages listed, so you’ll know which items are best for your own kid–and are least likely to be dropped in your lap with a frustrated, “build this for me” plea.

You’ll find cool building toys for kids by Buildex Speed Machines at our affiliate Amazon.



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