Wine2go portable wine bags: The life of the (pool) party

Wine2Go Plastic Wine Bottles and portable wine bags | Cool Mom Picks

Our neighborhood pool has a strict no-glass policy, which is why I’m excited about the portable wine bags from Wine2Go. I get that glass, concrete and bare feet are a dangerous mix, but relaxing by a moonlit pool after a long day while my kids swim just feels like a nice time to have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and this is a better way to do it than you might think.


Flask2Go portable wine bag flasks | Cool Mom Picks
The plastic Wine2Go container holds a full bottle of wine, while the Flask2Go portable wine bag each holds 8 ounces, or 5 shots, of liquor. Not that I recommend slamming Jager shots at the PTA meeting, but maybe it’s a Father’s Day gift for the camping enthusiast?

The extra-wide mouth makes it fairly easy to fill up, although I will admit a few drops hit the counter when I tried it out so don’t use it for your prized Montrachet. That said, Wine2Go promises zero taste transfer from their BPA-free plastic to your wine. I’m no sommelier, but the wine tasted terrific to me. When the “bottle” or flask is empty, you can just roll it up and stick it back in your bag. It cleans easily with warm water, although it lays so flat that I had a hard time getting the inside to dry completely. At least it’s anti-microbial so no worries about mold.

Wine2Go Portable wine bag | Cool Mom Picks

Wine2Go bottles and flasks are definitely a niche item for special outdoor occasions, especially where glass containers may not be allowed. Kind of nice that I can still enjoy a decent glass of wine without the indignity of having to smuggle it a whole bottle with my kids’ goggles and diving toys. Not that I know anything about that.

You can order the plastic Wine2Go bottles for $12 each, and Flask2Go portable wine bags are two for $9.99 at


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  • Reply May 10, 2014


    You’re seriously advocating drinking alcohol while you’re supposed to be supervising your children in a swimming pool?

    Eds: Of course we are Jen! We even took out an ad. No…kidding. Of course not. We consistently advocate for responsible parenting choices, ESPECIALLY when child safety is involved and we are well aware that pool safety is a major concern. However in this example, a mom may be relaxing at a community pool while her children are taking swim lessons, or are with their father or another caregiver. Also, some parents have older tweens or teenagers who don’t require the same level of supervision that young children do. Not that we recommend getting sloshed when you’re out with the kids–let alone if you have to drive home yourself afterwards. However we trust that our readers are active, engaged parents and capable of making good decisions; and the purchase of a portable wine bottle wouldn’t suddenly change that.

    We really appreciate your comment and concern.- L

    • Reply July 5, 2014



      You need to chill out. I didn’t celebrate the 4th in an area where glass was restricted, but I loved the idea of being able to bring my favorite sauvignon blanc in unbreakable containers over to a friend’s house for some delicious homemade coolers. Yes there was a personal pool and no kids around (just a 2 month old that slept inside most of the time) but we’re talking about a little WINE here. Are you telling me that moms are somehow so incompetent that they can’t watch their children and drink something at the same time (alcoholic or not)? I don’t think anyone would be ignorant enough to suggest getting plastered at the pool if you have children to take care of.

      It isn’t like someone is turning the container into a jagerbomb dispenser and chugging it back in one go! I love this idea, and I know quite a few people who do as well and they will be receiving these as birthday/xmas presents.

      I’m not a mom but I read this blog because a lot of the picks are great for ANYONE!

  • Reply May 15, 2014


    To the first commenter… I suppose those without children don’t have pools… or certainly it would be absurd to think busy moms deserve a child-free night at their own pool with girlfriends. Yeah.. you’re right.. better nix the TOTALLY AWESOME roll-up wine bottles!!

    SO getting some! Hope your links give you kickbacks!

    • Liz
      Reply July 7, 2014


      No kickbacks…just a product we love and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Reply May 21, 2014


    Buying these NOW — thanks CMP!

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