Web Coolness: Maya Angelou, #YesAllWomen, and tough questions for parents to ask themselves.

DIY printable bags for Father's Day by Sara Hearts

Here’s what we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you like them too.


Fantastic (and free!) DIY DIY printable paper bags for Father’s Day picnics.

Impressive: The college graduate of the year.

A sweet moment from  the surprise Sandra Bullock commencement speech in NOLA.

Important male perspective on the #YesAllWomen hashtag trending this week.

Our small tribute to the passing of Maya Angelou.


Massimo Vignelli's NYC Subway Maps | Cool Mom Picks

Another goodbye to iconic designer Massimo Vignelli. [via LisaCongdon]

Reinvent your Friday nights with this date night in series on Bleubird.

Is the importance of children’s table manners becoming overstated?

Can you be honest about your parenting?

Bacon-wrapped balsamic dates and truffled mac n cheese now at…Starbucks?  And of course, perfect commentary about it in The New Yorker.


Do yourself a favor and watch OK Go’s colorful Skyscrapers video with the kids.

From the bizarre files: There’s now a spa just for babies. Surely to alleviate all that stress.

Pinterest Board of the Week: Loving the baby fashion board by Raquel Riera.

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