Gourmet gifts for dad: 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gourmet gifts for dads: Cool Mom Picks Father's Day Gift Guide 2014

If your dad and baby daddy are anything like my dad and baby daddy, they love food. I can skip the clothes, tech, and even the cute pics of the kids and make their Father’s Day gifts deliciously edible. Which is why we present some awesome Gourmet Gifts for Dad in today’s installation of our 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide series.

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All our picks are determined solely by the editorial team; there has been no compensation in exchange for recommendations. Some products may include affiliate links.


Gourmet Gifts for Dad: DIY Hot Sauce Kit at Food52 Provisions

The gorgeous Provisions store at Food52.com has some great ideas including this wonderful DIY Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit from Grown & Make in Portland. I happen to like it because my guy’s a little spicy. Heh. ($42, Provisions by Food52)



Gourmet Gifts for Dad: Three Cheers for Dad indie spirits taster at MOUTH

At CMP favorite MOUTH, check out their new online store for indie wine and spirits. I highly recommend their Three Cheers for Dad taster which includes one each of an indie vodka, gin, and bourbon. Or maybe just go for their Bourbon Every Month subscription which, by the way, would be killer with the Dad’s Gotta Eat gourmet set, shown at very top–which we also happen to be giving away as part of our humongous Father’s Day giveaway below. Yum. ($100, $195, $80 at MOUTH.com)


Gourmet Gifts for Dad: Mantry 3-month gift subscription just for men
We’re also huge fans of Mantry, whose menfolk-focused subscription gifts are spectacularly curated around fun gourmet themes, and packaged in a super cool reusable crate. We got a sneak preview of the June box (order soon!) and you will not be disappointed with the Campfire Theme which includes full-sized products like a herbed coffee rub, a fantastic bourbon nib brittle, Boraodbent’s Hickory Smoked Bacon, and summer sausage that won’t last through the weekend.  Grab yourself the Mantry 3-month gift subscription just for men but don’t be surprised if when the three months is up, Dad kind of wants some more. ($225 with free shipping, Mantry)


Gourmet Gifts for Dad: Counter Culture coffee subscription

If you’ve got a dad who likes his caffeine, check out this organic coffee subscription which gets you 12 ounce bags of all kinds of java. This is a must have for any coffee bean head. And bonus: if you happen to live with the gift recipient, you get killer brew every month, too. ($31.50 subscription, Counter Culture Coffee)


Gourmet Gifts for Dad: Handmade black and maple serving board by Araya Jensen
Not all gourmet gifts have to be edible–this handmade black and maple serving board by Araya Jensen is so special and beautiful and will definitely last longer than chocolates. Maybe not as long as hot sauces. ($62, Cool Mom Picks indie shop)


Gourmet Gifts for Dad: Craft Beer BBQ sauce set at Williams-Sonoma
It’s a cliche, but not a bad one: Dads love beer, and dads love barbecue. So Wiliam-Sonoma put them together in this Craft Beer BBQ sauce set made from Shiner Amber Ale, Southern Tier Pale Ale, and Boulevard PIlsner. Let’s hear it for weekend cookouts! ($34.95 on sale, Williams-Sonoma)


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Gourmet Gifts for Dad: Original bacon kit at 7th West Charcuterie
When I first saw the Original bacon kit I thought whoa…DIY to  new level. Also? Bacon. Buy the pork belly, then cure it and season it just the way you like it. Which includes maple sugar. Of course. ($22.99, 7th West Charcuterie)


Gourmet Gifts for Dad: Beef Butcher's Pack at Eatly

This year beef is back, giving bacon a run for its money, and Eataly is offering the perfect splurgey Father’s Day gift for your meat-and-potatoes but mostly meat guy: a butcher pack of