Going coastal; better than going postal.

Reed Wilson coasters| Cool Mom Picks

I am a sucker for kitsch, as long as it’s clever. My apartment is filled with funky knick-knacks that I believe add to its charming–or what my mother likes to call “eclectic”– style, so these witty coastal Reed Wilson Design coasters are perfect for me. Spotted  in part of the Martha Stewart American Made collection on eBay, you’ll find a set of four coasters repping the North, East, West and Gulf Coast. Get it? Coaster? 


These double entendre wooden coasters add a touch of artisanal fun to a coffee table. Along with protection from dreaded drink rings, of course. And how great are they for a Fourth of July hostess gift to celebrate our country without a hint of red, white or blue.

Reed Wilson wooden East Coast coasters | Cool Mom Picks

Of course it’s arguable whether people think of themselves as “North Coaters”–Lake Michigan is pretty awesome but it’s no Pacific Ocean. Still, They’ll make you happy.

Buy Reed Wilson’s Coaster coasters to save your coffee tables and support American-made crafts.


Stephanie M.

Stephanie Mayers is entrenched in the kindie rock industry, a former gallery manager, and a self-proclaimed foodie who doesn’t get out to eat much. (Darn you, parenthood.)

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