Modern fairy tale art for girls who want to write their own endings.

Fairy tale art: Sleeping Beauty with unicorn

If you check out the Cool Mom Picks indie shop at, you’ll find a whole category of cool kids’ room decor, and now we have a new artist we’re adding to the fold that I think is just wonderful. Rosy Designs is run by a Vancouver artist, creating what feels like modern fairy tale art in the style of modern children’s book illustrations.

Her Sleeping Beauty print is made all that much more sweet with the addition of a unicorn (because, unicorns). It would only be more 2014 if it were Twilight Sparkle, but I give the unicorn points for longevity. However my favorite is the Red Riding Hood print which reinterprets the story a little less darkly; Red is dining in a table in the woods under the stars, with another friend who’s only dressed up in a wolf costume.

I love that the subtle changes from the originals can encourage kids to make up their own variations on the stories, and their own happy endings, with or without a prince to save the day. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Modern fairy tale art: Red riding hood and the wolf

Rosy Designs’ playful use of color and pattern bring them to life with so much charm, I think they’re fabulous in the nursery but could easily grow with your kids for years after that. And for just $25 for the fine 8.x x 11 archival print, you still have some budget left for the perfect frame.

Find Modern Fairy Tale Art by Rosy Designs  and more cool kids’ room decor of all kinds at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop on



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