Web Coolness: Women who’ve changed history, life-saving nail polish, and how to talk to kids about tragedy

DIY Jell-O Playdough recipe at Modern Messy Kids

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Jell-O Rainbow playdough recipe-o. What fun colors!

Should you trash all your parenting books?

2014: The year fashion smoked crack. One word: Overalls.

Bookmark this: A website that helps you figure out all those long ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Our editor Kristen rounds up 5 entrepreneurs leading this year’s back to school trends.


Kathrine Switzer, first woman to run the Boston Marathon | Web coolness at coolmompicks.com

From roller girls to rebel fighters: photos of women who have changed history.

Limited edition cashmere hoodies for your kids. Does this mean winter is coming? Ack.

The nail polish that can save lives. Awesome.

I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry T-shirt | Web coolness at coolmompicks.com

Helpful: 5 tips for bringing vacation home with you. Yes, it’s possible.

How bloggers talk to their kids about tragedy, including our own Editor Liz Gumbinner’s thoughts.

We’re obsessed with the incredible photos and stories from HONY photographer Brandon Stanton’s 50-day tour of the Middle East and Africa with the UN.

Pinterest board of the week: We kind of want everything on Krystin Griffith’s Wishlist Pinterest board, from the gorgeous rings to the hilarious shirt (above)

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  • Reply August 31, 2014

    Elizabeth Garcia

    “The media’s breathless fawning over roofie-detecting manicures is a two-fer: Outlets get to hype a feel-good ‘girl power’ accessory, while placing the onus on rape prevention squarely on the shoulders (or fingernails) of the victims, rather than on the perpetrators of violence against women,” she told Mic.

    http://mic.com/articles/97362/11-ways-to-solve-rape-better-than-nail-polish “Pozner further explained that “corporate media always prefer to frame sexual assault as something women need to figure out how to avoid, rather than as an educational issue of boys needing to be taught about healthy, enthusiastic consent versus criminal sexual assault, and men needing to take responsibility to not commit violent sexual abuse.”

    Although we should have conversations about these products, it often seems one-sided, and perpetuates myths about whose responsibility it is to prevent rape. “

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