Web Coolness: Cheering for Amy Poehler, hilarious Halloween costumes, and kids who eat WHAT for breakfast?

Breakfasts around the world in New York Times

Here are our favorite links from around the Internet this week. Hope you like them too.


Step away from the breakfast cereal and check out this amazing photo essay: What kids around the world eat for breakfast. (At top, Tokyo)

Smart reasons to start using FaceTime Audio now.

As big ONE supporters, we’re so thrilled to see Amy Poehler is guest curating ONE Girls + Women this month.

If you’re a mom who hates cooking dinner, you will print out this article and cover it with kisses.

Great tips for making the most of your parent-teacher conferences.

Compelling observations from one blogger’s trip to India.

What makes women feel judged? This post will stay with you. (Especially the jock strap line.)


Creative Halloween costumes for babies: Top Gun!

25 of the most hilarious, creative DIY Halloween costumes for babies.

More Halloween costume ideas from children’s literature.

In our Indie Shop: a beautiful handmade Elsa crown to go with that costume one or two of your children mayyyyy be considering.


Baby sleep positions: The Junkyard by How to Be A Dad. Unfortunately, we relate.

A baby sleep position we can unfortunately relate to.

Our Editor Kristen was inspired by the Global Citizen Festival to share ways to get kids more involved in giving back.

Huge congrats to Fortune’s 40 under 40 honorees, including cool mom Rebecca Minkoff, Alexa von Tobel of Learnvest, Sarah Krauss of S’well, and Ben Silbermann of Pinterest.

Fave author Hervé Tullet is coming to the US to paint with your kids. Check out the schedule – so fun!

Pinterest board of the week: Sighing over the clean, modern (did we say clean?) workspaces on Oh So Pretty’s Office Pinterest Board.

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  • Reply October 10, 2014

    Amy Bellgardt

    Thanks so much for the mention. ;)

  • Reply October 10, 2014


    “I like to cook”? What about “I like not working and having no opinions and being everyone’s handmaiden”? (from the not liking to cook article)

    Wow, that is so nasty. I’m so happy for this woman to hate cooking, but man alive her comment above is harsh. Defrost happily, dear author, and ignore self-righteousness in those who make cooking an art form. Ignore, ignore, and please, please don’t be mean to the rest of us. Reject the judging, and stop yourself throwing more on the pile.

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