I won’t pretend to understand why my son’s sandwiches, pancakes, and cheese slices taste better when they’re cut into animal shapes, but if using cookie cutters means he’ll eat more than a few nibbles of food, I’m happy to oblige. I like my shapes to be seasonal (yes, I admit this), so I’m all about this Woodland cookie cutter set, which is perfect for the holidays and beyond.

If you’ve got a picky eater of your own or a child who loves to bake with you, the set of six cookie cutters would make an awesome gift for a kid, and they’re conveniently packaged in a pink bakery box with brown baker’s twine. You can also turn the set into stocking stuffers, dividing up the deer, tree, gnome, mushroom, squirrel, and owl shapes among your children. Then sit back and let them trade the woodland creatures amongst themselves (“I call the gnome!”). And if you’re really lucky, they’ll use those cookie cutters to make you a little thank-you treat. Squirrel-shaped cheese, anyone?

You can buy this woodland cookie cutter set from the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. For more small gift ideas for creative kids, check out our stocking stuffer holiday guide.