Web coolness – Holiday help, gift wrap ideas, and Christmas humor. Lots of it.

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Here are some of the things we’ve loved reading around the web this week, with special emphasis on last-minute holiday help, and humor to get you through the week. Enjoy!


The final days to enter our seriously amazing 2014 Holiday Gift Guide giveaway and our equally awesome Holiday Tech Gift Guide giveaway featuring a new iPad Air 2. Someone has to win–how about you?

15 seriously hilarious Christmas cards

Christmas song playlist compiled by top parent bloggers. (Also, their least favorites. Sorry, Dominic the Donkey)


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11 creative gift wrap ideas including these adorable parcels “from the North Pole.”

Ideas for  gift wrapping a bottle of wine.

Beautiful, inspiring holiday ad, especially for parents who journal and blog. [h/t zuhl]

The coolest tech toy ideas for kids not old enough for their own iPads.

What kids really want for Christmas this year. (Hint: it’s free.)


The best things in life... Coco Chanel Quote

Laughing at this Coco Chanel quote print on etsy.

The kindness of strangers over the holidays.

15 powerful women describe how to be confident. New Year’s resolution perhaps?

Happy Hanukkah from Play-Doh.

The Christmas Jumper video: Great for a laugh. [h/t Katherine Stone]


Someecards North Korea Christmas card

Some ecards always nails it.

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