Web coolness: New Year inspiration, the best reads of 2014, and Play-Doh’s d’oh

Template for making an Albert Einstein snowflake

Here are some of the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


We’ve shown you Frozen snowflakes and Star Wars snowflakes…and now you can cut snowflakes in the shape of Nobel Prize winners with these templates. [via boing boing]

Outrage? No way. We’re totally laughing at the Play-Doh “extruder tool” controversy.

Before you take down that Douglas Fir, try making easy Christmas tree sachets with the branches.

15 powerful women on how to be more confident.

Smart, easy trick for cleaning out your inbox for the new year.

Fascinating read: 10 tips for happiness straight from another era.

The coolest 12 new gadgets of 2014 on Cool Mom Tech. Did your favorites make the list?

For you small business owners and artists: 5 things to do every day to be a better entrepreneur.

We love this post on teaching kids self-reliance and empathy.

Put aside this time to read the most popular 2014 articles on Brain Pickings.

Got even more time? Try 20 of the most popular TED talks of 2014.

A double standard still applies to single moms, in this must-read story from Kristen. Let’s hope that’s one thing that gets better in the coming year.


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