Web Coolness: Birdman interpreted by children, mom style secrets, and possibly the next big children’s author.

Jimmy Fallon and Michael Keaton read children's "Birdman" scripts

Here are the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Ready to laugh until you cry? Watch Michael Keaton and Jimmy Fallon reading children’s Birdman scripts.

10 Academy members reveal their Oscars votes. Get out your scorecard!

Kristen shares some mom style tips and secrets that you don’t even have to be a mom to put to use.

Liz has some brief thoughts on the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

How to celebrate Chinese New Year without stereotypes.

The next big children’s author: Pharrell?

A ban on selfie sticks: Whatever will the world do?


A Guide to Not Doing What You Said You Were Going to Do | Frances Martin

New to our Indie Shop: Frances Marten posters, for lovers of irony. And fake book covers.

If you have school-age children, please read this article on the problems with testing.

Also guess who’s grading children’s tests? Hint: Not teachers.

Recently, we shared this article about what kids around the world eat for breakfast. Now check out a video of American kids trying those breakfasts.

San Francisco parents: Check out the opening party and book readings at Mapamundi, bound to be one of the coolest stores for kids.

Remembering David Carr.

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