House of Bricks: The hilarious Sesame Street House of Cards parody

House of Bricks: The Sesame Street House of Cards parody you have to watch

If you are as obsessed with House of Cards as I am, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch House of Bricks, the hilarious Sesame Street House of Cards parody, because it is pure genius.

I have barely come up for food or air–and oh right, my children–over the past week in an attempt to catch up on House of Cards Season 2 so I can then binge watch the newly-released House of Cards Season 3. But somehow this parody was worth taking my attention away from the real Frank Underwood for a few minutes. Because you guys, Frank Underwolf! And the 3 little pigs!

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As usual, they totally nailed it. And now, back to the real thing. Please pass the coffee.

[Thanks Courtney!]



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