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These will make your lunch

Packing kid lunches is one of my least favorite things; rummaging for useable plastic food containers and matching them to lids that have migrated between several shelves (yes, plural. In my house, it’s an Issue) is a misery. And I’m about to start rinsing out baggies and taping closed scraps of wax paper. And hating it. That’s why I am completely tickled to have my hot little mitts on the latest in laptop lunch kits from Obentec. The new kits have a few changes: the insulated carrying case is smaller and does not include a bottle, but the zippy, foldable pocket is designed to...

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An online craft fair for the eco-conscious

“Think big, shop small” is the call to action from a gorgeous site called Cosa Verde. have some of my favorite buzzwords from the get-go: Handmade goods, independent artists, and sustainably made. It’s like an aggregator of beautiful items from artists who sell elsewhere (like Etsy or Artfire) but with a focus entirely on eco-friendly items. One of my other favorite buzzwords? Handmade hippos! Poking around the site I found a repurposed wool sweater that’s an utterly fabulous, delicately-hued lovey. Or, if you are looking for non-reincarnated artisan clothing, I adore the organic Little Red Riding Hood One-Piece which...

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Custom Sigg bottles at Cafe Press. Copyright: You.

Remember when CafePress first launched? They offered what seemed to me like a whole lot of not much, onto which you could have imprinted your website logo or your dog’s photo. Because you know, everyone needs a dog photo lucite key chain. But there’s so much more now. First off, you can design your own SIGG bottles now, and right in time for back-to-school season. Indeed Sigg reusable water bottles had issues last year when their older bottles were recalled due to BPA concerns with the liners–and these aren’t those. For those of you still in the market for...

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Coloring The World

The mom and pop team behind Smiling Planet has a line of totally adorable melamine-free tableware for kids that we’ve already introduced you to, that are pretty, safe and eco-positive. And now from The Deane family comes something just as new and just as cool: The same illustrations we loved on the plates, only in a whimsical coloring book with meditating cats and dogs. Yes, meditating cats and dogs. The book is called everyone dreams of peace even when they don’t, and I think Freddy Deane puts it best: “You can read it. You can color it. You can draw...

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Prints Made Easy

It was somewhere in my mid-twenties that I vowed to never again buy a cheesy reproduction; adults collected art, not dog-eared posters. Of course, it didn’t occur to me that most work I would consider “art,” would probably be far too dear for my pocketbook. And while I often fell in love with work I saw in magazines and online, there was no chance of finding out how to buy a print for myself. I wish I had then to what I have access to now: Print Society. It’s like Etsy, but exclusively for artists and buyers focused on prints....

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Go Ask Alice for her wardrobe

We all know Alice in Wonderland is crazy hip right now, but let’s be honest – not all Alicey-items are swoon-worthy. This one, however? Is. The collection of Alice in Wonderland themed tees at Pajama Squid come to you from Australia’s Heavenly Creatures. Each super soft, super stripey cap-sleeved or classic kids’ t-shirt has a cotton patch featuring a different classic illustration. The white rabbit on that navy-and-white striped classic tee would be adorable on little boys too. The combination of simple pen-and-ink artwork on the bold stripes is a pretty delish retro-modern/one-of-a-kind-looking combo. I really wish they made...

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Love notes you’ll love

Are you stuck in a never-ending search for Valentine’s Day cards that don’t embarrass you to send to anyone over the age of five? Let’s just say glossy, cheap, mass produced images of kittens tangled in yarn don’t always convey the message for me. Instead, check out the textured, funky, eco-friendly cards from Green Shanti. The cards are made by hand in India and Nepal by communities of artisans, and no trees were destroyed to get your love message out there–instead they use raw materials such as silk, jute, cotton rag, coconut shells, banana fiber, dried leaves, beads and spices. They’re expensive, so it’s definitely the kind...

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When you care enough to send the letterpress

While you might manage your holiday-based communications via e-cards and virtual greetings, you probably, like me, have a secret print fetish. Thick, creamy paper stock, imprinted with subtle, artsy inks — in a world of texting, a simple “I miss you” note written on an eco-friendly, “lightly textured soft white 100% cotton paper” is downright swoon-worthy. Let me introduce you to Copper Willow Paper Studios. Owned and operated by two working moms, the company is an eco-friendly letterpress with the most delicious holiday greeting cards and note paper, all pressed by hand on an antique letterpress.  (Although the website...

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Martha Stewart gets into the local food movement with Dinner at Home

I am not a big fan of the “f” word. I try to not use it, and I don’t encourage others to use it, either, but I will grudgingly admit to you this once that, yes, I am a “foodie.” I really like to cook and I really like to eat and I have been known to stay up late reading cookbooks in bed. But I don’t tend to take it too seriously, unlike most of the people who actually write the hottest new cookbooks. Therefore it was with some trepidation that I cracked Martha Stewart’s latest, Martha Stewart’s...

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